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what’s going on in Warchief

The real gay agenda.



what’s going on in Warchief

The real gay agenda.

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Stop it, pansexuals



(Before anyone says “But not ALL pansexuals do this,” if it’s not about you, it’s not about you.)

It’s one thing to have to defend ourselves from ignorant monosexuals. That’s to be expected. But to have to defend ourselves from other non-monosexual people is a level of utter ridiculousness that I can’t even begin to comprehend. This is not something we should have to do.

Straight people think we’re sex toys, gay and lesbian people think we’re habitually cheating closet cases, they all think we’re diseased, and lately a bunch of pansexuals think we’re binarst, cissexist assholes.

nbd, it’s just one more negative stereotype on top of the already massive pile. We’re pretty used to it.

But I’ll hand it to you, pansexuals, you’re clever; you say you’re not hating on bisexuals, just fighting the erasure of nonbinary identities. So you seem really progressive and well-intentioned and social justicey. If you’re cis, it makes you look like a good ally. And if you’re nonbinary, well, who’s going to argue if you say someone or something is binarist, amirite?

The problem in either case is that you have to twist meanings and identity police and make flimsy arguments about etymology and cite the dictionary and erase the existence of nonbinary bisexuals such as the person writing this and completely ignore the much more pervasive binarism of straight/gay/lesbian people and disregard actual bisexuals’ opinions about bisexuality in order to make your point, so you’re actually kind of failing at the social justice thing, I hate to break it to you.

Also, a lot of you used to identify as bisexual at one time. You should know how shitty it feels to have people make negative assumptions about you based on stereotypes and false information about your identity. And yet here you are, finding ways to make things even worse for us (while insisting you’re not, you’re just explaining bisexuality, even though you never thought to actually ask us about our identity wrt nonbinary people).

The main difference between you and us? Semantics. Many bisexuals consider themselves to love regardless of gender: the definition of pansexuality! (See, at least I checked with a pansexual resource before I posted this to make sure my definition was accurate, which is more than can be said for whoever wrote this pansexuality FAQ using that “bi means two” bullshit.) And this is completely compatible with two common definitions of bisexuality as used by bisexuals: attraction to more than one gender, OR attraction to people of same and different genders/identities. And those bisexuals don’t want to call themselves pansexual and they don’t have to, no matter how much you insist they should!

We are more like you than not. Yet you are so hung up on the difference in labels that you base entire arguments for why you are so different from us around it and spend all this time talking about how you are not even a little bit like us at all. Why is that? Why are you so quick to divorce yourselves from us?

Yes, there are binarist bisexuals that say they are attracted to “both men and women” and talk about “the opposite gender.” Yes, that’s ignorant and erasing. But the answer to that is not DESTROY BISEXUALITY, it’s DESTROY BINARISM. Even if bisexuality as an identity disappeared tomorrow (which is what some of you seem to want), there would still be a hell of a lot of binarist straight, gay and lesbian people out there. The whole gay/straight dichotomy implies a binary even more heavily than bisexuality ever has. And yet we don’t hear you make a goddamn peep about any of that.

And believe it or not, even you are capable of binarism and cissexism. It’s true! Your identity isn’t some kind of amulet. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people say they’re pansexual because they’re attracted to “men, women and transgender people” and say things like “I don’t see gender.” And yet we somehow manage to avoid making pansexuals in general out to be a bunch of cissexist, erasing, third-gendering asses just because some of you are ignorant.

If you really don’t like us, fine. But at least be honest about it and just say so instead of playing this fauxgressive bullshit and pretending like you’re helping things. Cause you sure as hell aren’t when you’re throwing another already much-maligned queer group under the bus just to make yourselves look better.



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